Advent Prayers

GMC Advent Prayer

During the season of advent we are going to be holding 24 one hour prayer sessions, looking at a range of topics which will come from our prayer advent calendar. A list of the dates and times is below. We will meet in the church. If you are unable to join us but want to pray for the same themes, a list of the over-arching themes is also listed:


Advent Prayer Sessions  
Date Day Time Theme
1st Tuesday 9am The World
2nd Wednesday 2pm The UK
3rd Thursday 5:30pm Guisborough
4th Friday 2pm Our Church
5th Saturday 11am Children & youth
6th Sunday 12 noon Wait on God
7th Monday 7:30pm The World
8th Tuesday 9am The UK
9th Wednesday 2pm Guisborough
10th Thursday 6pm Our Church
11th Friday 2pm Children & youth
12th Saturday 11am Wait on God
13th Sunday 12 noon The World
14th Monday 7pm The UK
15th Tuesday 9am Guisborough
16th Wednesday 2pm Our Church
17th Thursday 6pm Children & youth
18th Friday 2pm Wait on God
19th Saturday 11am The World
20th Sunday 12 noon The UK
21st Monday 7pm Guisborough
22nd Tuesday 9am Our Church
23rd Wednesday 1:30pm Children & youth
24th Thursday 6pm Wait on God

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