Terms and Conditions of booking

  • The use of Methodist premises is the responsibility of the Church Council. It is delegated, through the Property Committee, to the Property Stewards, who are authorised to grant facilities for occasional use by outside charitable organisations in return for a donation towards heating, lighting and maintenance costs.
  • No booking can be recognised except through the Property Stewards.
  • Use for commercial purposes and ‘jumble sales’ is not allowed. However, ‘good as new’ and ‘bric-a-brac’ stalls may accompany a coffee morning, afternoon, or other event.
  • There is no caretaker in attendance, so users must make arrangements to gain access and must leave the building secure after use, with all lights and appliances turned off in the whole building (unless still in use by other groups).
  • The user is responsible for leaving the rooms clean and tidy for those to follow.
  • No equipment or materials may be left on the premises, before or after the event, without the permission of the Property Stewards. Any rubbish must be taken away and not left on or outside the premises.
  • When the kitchen has been used, all crockery and utensils should be washed and put away. The instructions on the kitchen notice should be read. Any of the Church’s cloths and towels used should be washed and returned as soon as possible. Breakages should be reported and paid for.
  • No fixtures can be attached to the fabric of the building. All damage must be paid for – as agreed with the Property Stewards. Notices must not cover up Methodist Church material on notice boards, and posters must not be attached to the front door, the front of the building or the exterior blue notice boards. Please remove your notices after the event.
  • All users must undertake that their activities will not interfere with any other activity which may be taking place in any other part of the building.
  • Certain activities are not allowed on our premises. Your use of the building is on the understanding that such activities as listed below will not take place.
  • Activities relating to the life of the church will take precedence over bookings. You will be informed of any clashes as soon as possible.

You must not:

  • supply, sell or use alcoholic drinks of any kind;
  • gamble (including raffles, tombolas, etc);
  • hold public dances and parties (except Church Members children’s parties)
  • organise party political meetings;
  • hold religious meetings, other than Methodist, without written permission of the Minister;
  • engage in any entertainment which is inconsistent with the standards of the church.


  • In granting permission for the use of the premises the Church Council accepts no responsibility for the state of the rooms or of any incident arising from their use.
  • Users are asked to take all possible security precautions against theft of Church property, damage to property and equipment, and fire. Please do not leave front door unlocked and unattended or out of view. Please restrict the use of the toilets to those in your own organisation and check them before you leave the building.

The Methodist Church in Guisborough, May 2016