Emmaus Course – Week 1

GMC Emmaus course 2017

On the 20th September the Church family begins a new programme called ‘Emmaus’; this will feed into our thinking around one of the fruitful practices – ‘Intentional Faith Development’.

The Christian life is a journey.  One of the most important stages on the journey is when a person who is an interested enquirer of the Christian faith begins to learn about the faith in company with other enquirers and established Christians.

The Emmaus material is a course for such groups to follow.  The course was developed in an Anglican parish in the north of England and was tried and tested in a large number of churches over seven years before it was published as part of the Emmaus material.

For the first two or three weeks Revd John will present some of the thinking around Emmaus, how we might use the course and making some practical arrangements for thinking about implementing the course into Church life.

Please come and join us on the 20th September at 7.15pm in the hall.