What exactly is a House Group?
Good question! House Groups provide an opportunity to ask questions, to seek more of God and to enable each other to grow in faith, love, trust, and gain a greater understanding of Christ.  They provide a place to meet with other Christians in a relaxed atmosphere sharing in worship, fellowship, Bible Study and prayer. They are like an extension of church.


Who can come to a House Group?
House Groups are open to all, no-one is excluded! They are open to people who do not know God as well as more experienced Christians, young and old alike.


What happens at a House Group?
All-sorts!! Just come as you are! House groups are a place to develop and deepen friendships providing a place to grow and support each other and to seek God more in our lives. From Bible study and prayer to worship and testimony (and also including food), there is something for everyone.

In some cases Groups take a book of the Bible, or a character, and study it. If a question comes to mind a house group is the place to ask it, perhaps a question you’ve never had answered up to now.

At house groups there is opportunity to pray for each other and the world. This becomes an important part of the house groups. House Groups offer the chance to make new friends.


Why should I go to a House Group?
I hear you ask, “I’m quite comfortable where I am, thank you,” but it is always good to learn new things and to share our stories with others, whilst making new friends. A house group will deepen your faith and enable you to grow.


Are the groups just for members of the Methodist Church?
No! We currently have members of other churches, so they really are open for everyone!


“Let us think of ways to motivate one another to acts of love and good works. And let us not neglect our meeting together, as some people do, but encourage one another, especially now that the day of his return is drawing near.” Hebrews 10:24-25 (NLT)


Please take a look at the list below for our current house groups:

Monday Group @ Jenny or Viv’s
This Monday night house group meets fortnightly at either the Bees’ or Jenny Tyrie’s house. Numbers have grown considerably in the last year. We use a variety of sources to facilitate our discussions: Bible study notes, ‘Fruitful’ materials, DVDs etc. We share leadership but no-one is pressured to lead a session if they don’t feel comfortable to do so. We always end with a time of sharing and prayer and we email our prayer topics to group members in order to keep up the flow of prayer between meetings. We have lots of resources and are happy to share these with other house groups, particularly Spring Harvest materials which are regularly updated and added to! As several of us are members of the worship group, we do enjoy including music in our sessions wherever possible.

Monday Group @ Margaret’s
We meet every Monday at 7:30pm.

Tuesday @ 8 Group
The Tuesday at Eight Discussion Group meets every month on the 2nd Tuesday evening 7.30pm – 9.00pm from October to March / April.  We enjoy prayer and Bible Study together in a friendly and informal atmosphere.  At present we are working through the amazing and thought-provoking “I am ……”  claims of Jesus.  Previously we have considered some of the questions that Jesus asked, and looked in depth at the stories of several of the women in the Old and New Testaments, as well as Susanna Wesley “A Mother with a Difference”.  All Tuesday at Eight members and friends are welcome to join us.

Wednesday with Harry
We meet fortnightly, on a Wednesday at about 8.00pm.  We share in studies of New Testament writings and in the past have spent time on various letters of Paul but more on the Gospels.  We have been busy for the past year or two looking at the Gospel according to Matthew.  Revd Harry Nel normally leads with what is almost a ‘lecture’ but interruptions and questions or contributions are always welcome.  We did suggest that various members could take turns at leading but response was sparse, almost non-existent.  The evening includes a time of informal fellowship and tea.  There are twelve of us in the group which seems about right for a house group.  This doesn’t mean we don’t want others to join us!  It’s happy group and folk seem to enjoy our evenings together.

Thursday with Mike
We meet most Thursday evenings, starting at 8.00pm. Those who are able to take turns to host. The emphasis of the group tends to be on Bible Study and prayer, with friendship and fellowship written through it like a bar of rock!  At the moment we are going through John’s Gospel and in the past our studies have included Luke, Acts, James and the Letters of John. We believe that spending time in the Bible has helped our understanding of what our life in Christ should look like.  Also reading the Bible together gives us the God given gift of one another’s perspective, knowledge and practical advice.  The make up of the group takes in other denominations and those not affiliated to a church. The house group is a special place where we can meet and speak in confidence and without fear of judgement.

Thursday with Bill
Meets every fortnight from 7:30pm


If you would like any further information on the above groups, then please e-mail us at fellowships@guisboroughmethodistchurch.org.uk