Week of Prayer for Christian Unity 2015

We will be joining with all the churches in Guisborough for this special week of prayer from Sunday 18th to Sunday 25th January.  This year’s theme is “The Well is Deep” which will be looking at John 4: 1-42 throughout the week, and has been put together by Christians in Brazil.

There will be a series of half-hour prayer times and services taking place around the churches in Guisborough.  The week will draw to a close when we all come together at a special United Service at the Salvation Army.  You are invited to come and join us in prayer and reflection at any of these times:

Monday 19th – 12 noon at United Reformed Church hall
Tuesday 20th – 12noon at St Nicholas’ Church
Wednesday 21st – 7.00pm at St Paulinus RC Church
Thursday 22nd – 12noon at United Reformed Church
Friday 23rd – 12noon at St Nicholas’ Church
Saturday 25th – 12noon at Guisborough Methodist Church
Sunday 25th – 6.15pm United Service at Salvation Army Citadel.

Week of Prayer 2015


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